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Ode to Phil (my husband)

by Brenda

You tease me about my horsey teeth-
neighing all the while.
You tease me about my "Yooperneese"-
with a "Eh yah" and a smile.
I have found, since I've met you
I'm capable
of moving fan blades
as I drift off to sleep.
A feat I yet to believe
is quite possible with
you laughing all the while.
I've been shown
bags for my "bagless" vacuum,
testimonies to a "Dew" diet
and a whole new meaning to the phrase;
"I had a rack"
I knew you had your doubts
about the kitchen table-
but didn't it seem
to all come together after that?
You have teased me
about my lack of
technical know all
and which button to hit on those
dumb remotes.
My rocks sent you into a tizzy
with me not imagining them
actually out on the ground...oh my!
Longeburger baskets have
given you new fodder-
is it a basket, or is it not?
The books, oh the books...
Did you wonder
what kind of kook
had so many books
shoved in so many nooks.
Dollar General is my store-
I guess it will be forever more.
Where else can you shop
spending obviously more than $1 a pop
for all kinds of things I can't do without!
I have been lauded
for my mad packing skills-
though at times I have been
questioned on how much more
can fit in that bag...
You do like to tease
and with your teasing
comes pleasing-
at which you excel.
I wouldn't trade all your teasing
and our laughter
for anything in the world!