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Loving, Never Forgetting

by mossgirl19

Holding your hand seemed like a dream
I'm wide awake watching you smile
And we both laughed, here by the stream
Ten long years, I say, is quite a while.

We used to catch some fish in these waters
And you would be on your knees
Reciting your lines, that you'll never have another
We'll climb, and sit by the trees.

We remember our first kiss under the mango tree
And for some reasons I turned a little red
But you laughed; and I quite agree
If mama had caught us you would be dead.

You suddenly thought of the message in the bottle
I wrote for you and my childish promises
How I drew a big heart in the middle
And said, "I give my whole heart, no other less."

They are all so funny now, and we both know
They are but memories we can go back to
We need to cut this short, as we both need to go
Back to our homes, with separate things to do.

I hope you take care, and regards to your wife
"You take care too, and say hello for me to your hubby."
I had a great time, visiting this place of my life
"Me, too, and I am genuinely happy."

We hugged and we kissed each other on the cheek
And we both smiled as we waved goodbye
To say we are friends might be a little weak
We are each other's first love, until we die.