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The Longest Kiss is When Butterflies Fly About

by Sherry Caayupan

The longest kiss transcends from a winter rose,
Which blossoms in a mid-winter's day,
Winter springs when autumn goes,
The rose's petals made dewdrops and sways;

White butterflies fly and flutter about,
A dainty larvae they were once in a lifetime,
In the past, they might have died,
And dried out but reincarnated in a twilight;

Love is when the caterpillars turn to gold,
When they spread their lovely wings,
As white butterflies they were old,
Yet one of the most beautiful things;

The singing rain fiddles a wonderful violin,
Its strings played with bountiful grace,
It made music, the gift it brings,
A heart of rain starts to race;

Majestic mountains look upon the earth,
It is in awe of the beauty it sees,
Of land gracious since the birth,
Of poppies and tall maple trees;

The earth faces upon the wilderness,
It made fertile by ewes and does,
A rainbow patronized a petrified forest,
An august sire as it shines and glows...