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Oceans don't Chase the Moon (I'm not in Love with you)

by Milo

Wave after wave I come crashing back down.
No silent hope or precious advice
Can dissuade the constant gravity
Of your love but,
Seahorses In the ocean know better.
I should stay away.
I should solve my problems
By running away.
Keep running over and over
The soft cold sand,
Out stretch my hands and catch
The moonlight before it's gone.
Before my hopes and dreams
Disappear with the rising sun.
Because you are the only one (lies I tell myself.)

I'll keep chasing the moonlight
Until the world over,
I can finally come home to you.

Twelve years later,
I finally stop and watch
The sun rise in the end.

It was beautiful.

"I don't think I'm in love with you"
She asked me why would I say that?
As she screams, our world is torn into two.
And I told her the strangest thing,
"You are the wrong kind of ocean."