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Her Valleys Will Fill Me.

by Poet on the Piano

I still believe in love,
after mourning a man
twice my age,
after consenting to
what I thought would
make me mature,
but only left me

I have already moved
mountains on my own...

She will be the
new path I take,
footprints on a
snow-kissed trail
that nature promised
we could be the first
ones to touch.
And I haven't met her
yet, I don't know her
ethnicity or how she
but it is a woman I want
to share my life with.

It won't matter
people's expectations
or their definition
of who I should be.
I know I do not wish
to lay with a man anymore.
I want to sleep in her arms,
curved lips and hips
catching the sunshine
even on the cloudiest
of days.

This is how I imagine
my future...

When others ask me
how I see the world,
what my eyes will
someday behold,

I only see her,
not the other half of me
but someone new altogether -
a river of light
I've never traveled to