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Never give up

by Walter

Sometimes I feel like saying
I have nothing more to say
I feel like giving up trying
Making you want to stay
Why should I pretend you love me
When you want to run away
You only have me on standby
While you go and hunt your prey

I'll admit it hurt a lot at first
But got easier as time went by
I had so many questions to start with
Wanting to know the reason why
You never gave me an answer
All I got from you was goodbye
I knew you weren't coming back either
But it didn't stop me wanting to try

I finally started to go out again
Instead of staying home where I would hide
It feels awkward not having you with me
When you used to be right by my side
And it hurts when I see other couples
Hand in hand while showing their pride
Almost to the point where I gave up and then
Wishing it would be better for me if I died

At that moment I saw her all alone
A stranger looking as miserable as me
She also seemed to have nowhere to go
Even though young, beautiful and free
Suddenly our paths met in front of us
Where she was the only thing I could see
As a smile developed upon my face
I saw her instantly smiling back with glee

And already it's been years since then
That night where all this had begun
I can't believe the odds of us meeting
The chances are a billion to one
All because of our heartache that evening
While we were both out on the run
We met and become inseparable
And every second I am with her is fun

So please let this be a lesson to all
Who are currently going through the first verse
Whatever you do don't give up on life
Because you feel like you are living a curse
We will all feel this way at some stage
When it feels like life can't get much worse
Then suddenly fate will show its face
And hands over to you the universe