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A Winters Dream

by Robert Daniel Long

Winters has drifted in
And like a thief
It comes in
On the wings of wonder
Ever so quietly it moves
Invading your mind and soul
Leaving you breathless
Like loves first kiss

There is a newness
That hangs in the air
A sweet surrender
That hangs in suspended animation
Awaiting that kiss of sunlight
From which a bud can awake
And bloom into glorious beauty
Like you do

At the beginning of spring

But here
Under a blanket of snow
That twinkles like an ocean of diamonds
I'm able to gaze into your eyes
If........., but only for a moment
And it's there
That I catch a glimpse
Of the love that's there for me
And a peace covers my soul

And I remember

That you are that bud
The bud of a rose
Awaiting to break free
At the warmth of spring
To radiate the beauty hidden within
And I find myself breathless

I'm holding here in my arms
Loves first kiss

I'm holding you