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Our story

by Brenda

Giving up on love
wasn't an easy thing
for me...
Two failed marriages,
resulting in explosive break-ups,
had me running for the hills
at the smallest gesture
of kindness...
then I met you
I was always working,
grinding away
to keep a roof over my girls heads.
Didn't drink,
wasn't the social butterfly
one needed to be
to possibly meet someone...
then I met you
So I stepped off that cliff,
joined an online dating site.
Nervous as hell, not so sure,
was this really a good idea?
then I met you
You answered me "smile"
which truly has made my life worthwhile.
We chatted via email,
we chatted via phone,
we finally met and really talked
like friends who had known each other forever...
Both with issues,
both with baggage and bumps in the road.
It didn't matter though,
we both knew we had found
our "one"
the one who most never find
no matter how many
lives they live.
This Pisces girl has finally
found her Pisces boy-
Aaah, now this is love...

What's yours?

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