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His Heart and Her Heart (Valentine thread)

by Mark

His heart and her heart
they pulse ruby rain
streaming on a love chart
to lovers bliss lane.
For he - heard love bells
a-valentines ago,
and she cast in her spells
an aura quite aglow.

So taken was he
by her radiant smiles
carving in a nut tree
I love thee in piles.
This led, both two wed
on that balmy day,
sacred vows, were said
together, we'll stay.

Since then, those two doves
in unison hath sewn,
a pair of sun-gloves
to catch rays for their own.
To have caught - a baby boy!
In euphoria they did moan
for laughing infant joy
wrought a very sweet tone.

Now joyous in celebration
of a union - they awed
blessed in commemoration
a poem to applaud.
Let Valentines be again
full of adorations so strong
written with a heart-pen
love inked - is a song.