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Desert Rose

by Ya----Na

I never heard her voice, still it sounds to me

songs of birds in the morning,
peace before the noon,
a harmonic evening spent on the streets of Paris,
or the melody of immortality keeping me alive
in solitude during the night.

I knew her for a very small time yet she became...

the smile in my belief,
the love under my skin,
the light to my soul,
and the greatest joy into my life.

She is nowhere,
yet everywhere to make me whole on this
frantic flat earth.

Now, the Goddess of my happiness has fallen to sorrow;
the lips to all of my creations are burning in the freeze;
she is drowning into the propaganda of
politics, and
on a journey where she can't hide anymore from

Breathe - Breathe - Breathe,
my love,
you are perfect;
still you have plenty of eyes in the sky
to look upon you and
a heart in exile which cries only for you.