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The Heart Library

by Kitty Cat Lady

The cover looked appealing
Albeit the spine slightly cracked
But the story so intrigued you
You'd borrow then give it back

Well you studied it intently
Though it wasn't yours to keep
You just wanted to understand
The secrets buried deep

You broke the tale wide open
Got a damn good look inside
Picked out the bits you wanted
Then cast the rest aside

You turned corners on some pages
And others you ripped out
Now the story makes no sense
The happy ending full of doubt

You'll use what you have learned
Apply it to another story
You'll appear wise and learned
And you'll take all the glory

Now the loan is ten years overdue
On the heart that you borrowed
And the fine that I'll pay
Is a story full of sorrow

But I'll smooth the crumpled pages
Take a pen and make a start
And I'll write down the next chapter
For the adventures of my heart.