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Forbidden Treat

by Brise

Within me this forbidden lust is bleeding,
Yet this persistent craving is sometimes fleeting.
I catch it when I see you and holds me to a shutter,
For my lips itch for a kiss to stumble upon each other.

But you know I'm taken so your warmth is often held,
And I wonder if you feel this, a curiosity I often quelled
Do you feel this aching hunger wanting to be sated ?
Or this lustful craving waiting to be abated ?

My skin urges for you to learn my carnal appetite
But you're restrained knowing the taste could be contrite
And I'm aware the flavor of my desire is bittersweet
But so is the feeling of being painfully in between

For in the end I do not know if you thirst after me
So give me a hint if you savor this forbidden treat
Lick your lips between your smiles
Gift me with your longing stare that stretches miles