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An Apology from the Other Woman

by Brise

I apologize to you for my careless youth
For all the pain I've caused unable to soothe

I've seen the pain swell from your clear blue eyes
For the heart I ripped from you I vandalized
I grafittied you blue, and slashed memories through
Shattered your truth that I could never undo

I stole the warmth of his lips from yours
His million caresses but left you with sores
Emotional sores that bruised your smile
As I was kissing him but hurting you all the while

I took from you not just a lover but a father
Father of your child that left him as a toddler
And I repent the actions I sparked within him
We were blinded by our selfish and lustful whim

I'm sorry for my ignorant vanity
I was young and full of depravity
I believed his infatuation proved my beauty
But all it did was wound you cruelly

Lastly, I'm sorry for all the doubts
All your insecurities you've drowned in counts
For you must know, you're beautiful regardless
My envy was just ugly and heartless