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Searching For a Dream

by William Mae

The evening rains so calming,
The breeze had cooled the air,
You're standing on the front porch,
I pause behind and stare.

I slip my arm around you,
Our fingers enter lace,
I place my cheek to your cheek,
Breathe you in to taste.

You push yourself against me,
My response a tighter hold,
Your scent's intoxicating,
Fitting perfect in this mold,

I kiss along your neck line,
See your eyes a dreamy gaze,
What a perfect rainy evening,
We have no moments here to waste.

My hands trail along your body,
Each sensation brings new heights,
Whispers mid our rapid breathing,
Every second here delights.

Whispers of a night awaiting,
We are here and all alone,
Making love the anticipation,
But this is just a Dream I own.

Tonight I'll feel you press against me,
Naked flesh with pleasing sighs,
Moments building breathing heavy,
Ending with one bonding cry.

And I'll wake to a new day,
Realize the truth it seems,
I was caught up in another,
Recurring haunting dream.

Its a dream I happily search for,
Every night while hunting sleep,
Hoping I will find you waiting,
Make love once again with me.