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My Angel

by julie

My angel sent to me from up above,
My beautiful angel she has nothing but love.
Sweet and kind, everything to her I owe,
When she holds me in her arms, I pray she never let go.
My angel, My saviour my one and only mummy.
She is caring and considerate, and sweet as honey.
You are my mummy the only one,
You are the reason my life begun.
I'm sorry I'm selfish, I don't mean to hurt you.
You will never know how much I love you, if only you knew.
Forgive me mummy, for all that I have done wrong,
For to you my heart it will always belong.
I love you mummy more than you can ever know,
To you my mummy, my life I owe.
I hope you never forget that you truly are,
My beautiful angel sent from afar.