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The taste of your memories

by Ya----Na

Don't let me wander
in alleys of yesterday,
where once I breathed spring
in your winds
to conquer the peaks of anxieties,
and nature used to speak the words
of our hearts.

I know
this wound hurts deep,
but blood isn't spread over the floor yet;
Our eclipsed soul can shine again
by stripping the layers of aggression,
and reach home while listening to the
melody of forever.

Let's dream together
in purple beauty of velvet nights
to open the abyss of hell
and escape from our fate
flame the pictures of bitterness
with catalyst of desire
to live with each other.

The road to your heart is distant, my love,
yet unforgettable;
And doesn't matter
how promising tomorrow may seem,
it will never be able to erase
the taste of your memories
from my