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Let Go

by Lady Nik

You hang on to my thoughts
like ice to the street
dangerous and sleek.
I want to be free of you...
but you won't let me go

Let me float to the sky
like black embers fleeing the
heat of another fire.
Let me wash away your scent
clinging so tightly to my memory.
Let me fall into myself
like you taught me to so long ago.

You helped me love myself
even though I'm black and blue.
You taught me to be strong,
but how can I be without you?
You said I was enough
but not enough for you to stay.

I gave you the pieces of my heart
thinking you could make it whole,
I gave you the secrets that haunt me
but I'm still holding onto this darkness.
You made me think I could exist
in a world that was made for us.
Now I'm realizing you couldn't
even believe the words you spoke yourself.
Noise, that's all it was.
Lies I turned into love notes
to help me sleep at night.

I see you for who you are now,
even with my eyes closed.
I see through the facade and right
into your desperate soul.
I let you linger inside my psyche
thinking you could quiet all the voices.
But they were screaming for me to
let you go all along.