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Mornings of you

by Catchy

I stared above on the vast dominant blue
Designed beautifully with clouds of white
Everything's so good that it knows no end
Not a single sign of suspicious pretend

I heard the cute chirping birds sing their hearts
Or they're just simply hungry for today's breakfast
There are no flowers in any of earth's color
Can I ever more sincerely adore

A quiet morning with the sun's warmth
Along with light coolness from a peaceful night
While the aroma of the greens morning dew
Blends perfectly to this lovely view

A house where you are is a home
Filled with goodies and works of art
It's full of love and you'll feel a lively song
That keeps playing and persuading your heart

All things are were they're supposed to be
Like puzzle pieces made to fit perfectly
Like an old lock made for a single key
These are the kind mornings of you with me