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Weak bridges

by Brenda

We all learned
to build bridges
as kids-
Sturdy structures
constructed from Legos
and Lincoln Logs-
capable structures
with the ability to drive
our Hot Wheels
and Tonka Trucks over with ease-
You would think
after years
of honing these skills
we would be expert builders
in constructing a bridge-
But no...
Relationships have proven elusive-
piece by piece
stacked onto another
love, trust, open communication
sometimes built on
shaky grounds
creates disastrous results
of total collapse-
Often times these weak bridges
won't be rebuilt-
broken hearts don't mend-
least not strong enough
to be driven over
time after time-


We can only hope-
hope that we trust another enough
to build that bridge
you know the one....
sturdy, solid
like the ones we did as kids-
One that will never need a
"Weak Bridge Ahead" sign...