Read Love Poems


by Spanish Star

I feel like i am drowning
Whenever you are near
Cause i forget everything
And the ones that i hold dear

We seem to really click
And i see you every day
When you start to talk
I just listen to what you say

My emotions are confusing
How much you make me feel
My heart starts racing fast
And im wondering is this real?

But you just keep on joking
And laugh things away
All i really wanna do is scream
I just want you to stay

But everyday you leave me
And you give me a kiss goodbye
You never give me a straight answer
So i keep on wondering why

I know that you are using me
So i have to let you go
I know that you dont love me
I know im just for show

Im nothing to you really
Im just a good time
Maybe i will get over it
And in time i will be fine

But i wish you realized
How perfect it could be
This thing we have is special
If you would only see

This thing is not a game
My life is pretty real
I just never thought
That my heart you would steal

Why arent you strong enough
To stop telling yourself lies
You know im perfect for you
Hurry before my heart dies

Still Butterflies fly through me
whenever you give me that kiss
I feel it in my mind & body
Such a bittersweet bliss

We would be so perfect
If you would just speak up
But since your not going to
This has got to stop..