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Picture perfect

by Michael

I walked alone-
upon a blank canvas,
hoping to find a palette to
bring colour into my life.

and there I met a
similar expression in you.

together we waltzed
in water-coloured rain
that fell onto a harlequin stage.

we danced through puddles of paint;
splashing life upon our vacant faces
that trickled through our souls

my walking cane; a paintbrush,
delicately stroked you in vibrant tones;
-your smile flushed with crimson
hues of sunrise blanched your hair
and your eyes, a deep-dewy blue;
that put a twinkle in my morale

like a pink rose;
your dress flattered with twilled petals
brushing a texture
of goose bumps all over me,
beneath a black-silken suit

your aura as colourful
as a dawn chorus

I felt so alive with you.

my work of art; my dancing queen; my Ginger Rogers.

your Fred Astaire.

then, together we emptied a jar
of twilight into the sky-
where our hearts blended
into the background.

all wrapped up in a shade
of love.