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Without Ever Saying Goodbye

by ddavidd

A pebble falls in the clear pond.

Corrosion withers when I look into your mirror.
There is no impediment of distances between two hearts.
There is no breach of time in love,
neither the fallacy of death
nor the grievance of extrusion,

and seconds are not
from eternity.

The rocks do not crack between us
and silence does not fracture
into tick and tack.

Between us only the music sounds,
only accordions expand and quiz,
without ever saying goodbye,

and parallels
repeat each other in their mirrors
to aeons
were they learn their oneness,

and echoes
gently dim down to silence
like waves
on the faraway shores of soft sands,

Between us, the mirages dry out
and thirst
is the most wholesome spring

Nothing repeats between us,
like the rivers
always depart
yet we're always