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Early walks and memories

by Michael

The scent of spring, begins to wheeze,
and footsteps fade from winters freeze.
The undergrowth now starts to thaw
and back to lonely strolls once more.

Daffodils bloom and crocus too
a sky lit up in sapphire blue
across the vale a wispy haze
gold-dust sprinkles from sunshine rays

In yonder field, a scare-crow stands,
protecting yield with straw-like hands.
Stuffed with hay in a tailored suit
shooing blackbirds, from rooted fruit.

The boughs of trees, will swathe in green
and buds will pop upon their sleeves.
the nights shall wane as days burn bright-
but springtime comes with season plight

for me the spring, does conjure up
memories of my buttercup,
within my heart this flower sleeps
and petals, once again shall weep.