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Love can be blind

by Michael

The skies are dark, the moon has gone,
I see no stars, to wish upon.
No more the sun, shows rays of light,
the days have now, become the night.

My hands stretch out, into the air,
to feel and touch, that you, are there.
You take my hand, to guide me through,
your voice tells me, about the view.

I hear the birds; such joyful sound
and scents, of flowers, all around.
I feel the freshness of the breeze,
flushing over, a sense of ease.

But still I ache, my heart does mourn,
no sight of you, at break of dawn.
I miss the twinkle in your eye
and just that look, when you were shy.

But just to know, you're at my side
you keep my senses open wide.
While eyes can't see, our love can lead
and that's the only light I need.