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Paper Heart:

by Scott Cole

If you happen to find my heart
Would you please return it to me,
I lost it many moons ago
And haven't a clue where it could be.

Becareful how you handle it
For it's been ripped in two,
So it may fall apart on you
It's not held together with glue.

It's worn a little thin
Scarred with blue ridges,
So it may leave a paper cut
From it's sharp or ragged edges.

You may find it with a crease
Or a partical fold,
No matter how you find it
It won't match it's mold.

It use to have I Love You
Written all over it,
And as pure as the snow
But not it's so unfit.

Because now it's slightly soiled
Someone stepped on it,
And didn't bat an eye
Not even a little bit.

It's so bent out of shape
I'm lightheaded and unequipped,
Because someone sent it flying
Which threw me for a flip.

Now it's so full of holes
One right after the other,
I can't even catch my breath
I think I'm going to smother.

Yes it's busting at the seams
Shredded from within,
Unraveling on the inside
And woven fibers seldom mend.

So I'm feeling a little worthless
Like a piece of paper in the trash,
For I'm nothing but a waste
All my potential has been smashed.

But if you find my missing heart
Would you kindly let me know,
I know it's suffered enough
For I'm no Romeo.

I'm the bearer of it's pain
The page which it was cut,
Soon I'll find my paper heart
I feel it in my gut.