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Bone To Pick:

by Scott Cole

If my heart was of bone
Instead of muscle tone,
It'd be strong and hard
Not easily scarred.

It could take a beating
No soreness from cheating,
For if it broke a bone
It'd heal all on it's own.

It'd be harder to penetrate
Take cautious time to wait,
Not controlled by nerve cells
Or fall under any spells.

It'd need less protection
To fight off false affection,
So steadfast and true
Hardly ever black and blue.

It'd be rigid and rough
Not limber or bluff,
So it can ward off aches
That muscle just can't shake.

It'd be of vigor and force
Not weakness or divorce,
Built to take a licking
Not vulnerable or chicken.

It'd always have my back
Rarely seldom bend or crack,
Never strain or rupture
Nor bleed from any puncture.

It'd never be outnumbered
Preyed upon or plundered,
For bones are more reliable
Trustworthy and dependable.

If my heart was of bone
I'd be less likely prone,
To ever bear a worried care
From a broken love affair.