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Tortured Love

by Lainie Reay

In the whispers of the wind,
I'm sure I hear your name,
In the silence of my life,
My heart just beat's in pain.

A fire raging deep inside,
Of love & hate & more.
I wish I could just take your hand
To pull you from death's door.

Though I tried with all my might,
To save you from your fate.
I walk this land a broken soul,
For now I have to wait.

To see what is in store for me,
Will it be the same?
Will I have to carry on
With spoilers to this game.

To know of pain so torturing
It screams inside your head
To love with all you are & more
Until that love is dead

The path I choose to walk this life,
In time you will all know,
As fate & destiny they shall meet,
But are they friend or foe?

As darkness fades I wipe a tear
and look up to the skies,
I realise it's the drift of time
That love & hate defies.

If only, defying time
were possible to do,
I'd spend forever in your warmth,
Instead of dreaming just of you.