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I Love The Way You Love Me

by Brenda

You love me
balls to the wall-
sliding into home plate-
zero to sixty
in six seconds flat-
proclaiming to the whole world
that I'm yours-
You love me
endlessly, unrelentlessly
wrap your leg
pull me close
in the middle of the night-
put up with all
my moods
the good, the bad the ugly-
stubborn to a fault
not swaying me once
I've dug my feet in-
You love me
more than a bag
of BBQ chips
that you've given up
to be healthier
to be here
for me
You love me
even after I've rolled
out of bed
calling me sexy
not scary
even though I truly am scary-
I never thought
I would have love
like this-
I never thought
I get to spend the rest
of my life
with this amazing man
that is you
this man
whose face lights up
when I walk into a room
whose voice deepens
when you tease
me so-
Who loves me the way you do...