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Blue Eyes Dreaming

by eezebard

Not far it was from Heaven
'twas the very month of June
and the sweetest birds were singing
when first
she stole my tune ...

As if from out the bluest sky
an angel came to call
Quintessent of Irish memory
with braids as I recall

The golden sun shone o'er the dew
through her eyes
Like flowers
from a woodland path
her smile just mesmerized

With dancer's wings she stepped along
my song held in her arms
My blue eyes dreaming
now locked within her charms

"Good day kind sir"
sweet melody
embraced my very soul
With butterflies and rubber thighs
my tongue
I swear it swoll

My heart stood tall
to brace my jaw
an lock the molars tight
The best I managed
was a smile
my voice had taken flight

she locked her gaze to mine
reached out to my lapel
Placed a fragrant flower there
bent close
to share its smell

The moment
stole my breath away

I gazed in pure delight

Enchanted with her beauty rare
to silent night