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Can't Write Another Poem

by LiL One

I cant write another poem,
I have no emotion left inside,
you took it all away from me,
after every time I cried.

You loved me,
then you lied,
how can I ever forgive you,
you took away my pride.

I look stupid as hell,
even my friends think so,
Ive sat around and waited,
for your true feelings to show.

Now it seems to me,
everything you said were lies,
like when you said,
you see yourself in my eyes.

I never wanted this to end on bad terms,
we used to be friends,
now its hard for me to look at you,
since we are at our ends.

This is the last poem Ill write,
until we work it out,
it will be hard for me,
because I know I care for you without a doubt.

I'm all burnt out,
you've put me through too much strife.
I cant write another poem,
until your out of my life.