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Which one

by lostnloveless15

How can my feelings be this way?
In love with two people, not sure what to say
Which one will it be?
This isn't at all easy

They are both close to my heart
Choosing between the two is tearing me apart
But one has to go
Because the other one has a hold

Which one is it though?
I wish I could keep them both
I tried for so long to not let my feelings show
But over time, emotions got out of control

Out of the two, there is a special bond with one
He is my special someone
He tells me anything
Not afraid of what the circumstances will bring

The other one makes me laugh
He makes me feel whole
When my spirit has been ripped in half
This is so hard, because I love them both

They both mean the world to me
Decisions have to be made, unfortunately
I hope we will all remain friends
My love for both will never end