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Please remember me

by Sarah Christine

I never thought
I'd meet someone like you,
when my world seemed desolate,
you shined through
so warm and true,
with just a smile,
and your tender embrace,
you stole my heart,
put a glow in my face.
Like the calming effect
of the waves upon the sand,
you make my troubles disappear,
with just the touch of your hand.
If only for a moment in time,
I share this journey with you,
I wont look back and think,
just for a brief second that
you were mine,
but rather,
the feeling
so wonderful and new.
Don't be sad that time is ending,
for it's only just begun,
maybe somewhere in God's
little plan,
he meant for you to be the one.
So smile and think,
of the times that we share,
and know in your heart
that I do honestly care.
You will never be forgotten,
in my heart you'll always be,
so when life gets you down,
search deep in your thoughts,
and please remember me.