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You Cheated Yourself

by hayley williams

Remember when we first met
How happy we seemed
Was that all just one big lie
Or something that I dreamed

Did you love me like you said
Were your feelings ever true
Do you ever think of me now
Like I sometimes think of you

Do you regret cheating on me
And causing me so much pain
If you could go back in time
Would you do it all again

How could you be so cold
She was my oldest friend
You broke my heart so bad
That it will never mend

The two people I trusted most
So instead of just losing you
I had to give up my best friend
Despite all we have been through

How can I forget what went down
Or all of the hurt I have inside
I chose to put my faith into you
And let you steal away my pride

You beg for a second chance
But I refuse to take you back
All of the thing I want in a man
Are the things you seem to lack

You are not respectful or kind
I could not trust you with my heart
Blindly I gave it to you once
And you chose to tear it apart

The love I had for you has gone
I no longer miss you being here
I am ready to move forward in life
I do not plan to shed another tear.

Stop calling me up all the time
I want to erase you from my mind
I am sorry but you did your dirt
And that time you cannot rewind.