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I Can Never Tell You

by hayley williams

I look across the room at you
Butterflies swirl in my belly
I cannot help but want you
My legs quickly turn to jelly

I have never had the guts
To let you know how I feel
I don't know if I ever could
Everything just seems surreal

We have known each other
For almost forever and a day
Sometimes I think of saying
That deep down I feel this way

How would you react to me
I wonder if you would shout
Look at me in total disgust
And ask what I am on about

When I dream it is perfect
You tell me you feel the same
Then you take me in your arms
And banish all of my pain

Maybe it is better for me
To keep this all buried inside
For if you ever told me no
I would certainly lose my pride

So I will just keep sitting here
Ignoring how much I love you
Just hoping a miracle occurs
And make my dream come true