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Hiding Love.. (Dreaming is the only way to have You as My Lover!

by xXxLittleAngelxXx

Whenever I get near You I get shy,
yet I start to ask Myself why..
Why can't I tell You about these feelings inside??
Is it Love that I forever will hide??

If only I had the guts to tell You,
what I feel, what I think.. What I'm going through!!
I guess My Heart is afraid to be turned off,
so I have to Live with this hiding Love..

Sometimes I even think it's best to let You go,
but if We never try, we'll never know..
How Great the Love between us could be,
or how it'd feel to hold You close to Me..

But how would You react if I told You all this??
Would You move away or turn it into the Perfect Bliss??
This dilemma seems like an endless fight,
So this Love I still hide!!

I feel like being friends isn't enough,
but I just can't find a way to win Your Love..