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More than friends?

by ShAtTeRrEdTeArZ

Thinking of you again,
That's just like me,
Surprise right?
Someone I never see,

So I think of you again,
A tear rolls down my cheek,
Why does it go on like this?
Week after Week!!

I know I can't have you,
But I'm waiting still,
Even though I don't have you,
And probably never will.

But isn't it also true,
A girl can hope and dream?
And sometimes things work out,
A way that's thought unseen?

What will become,
Of the so-called "you and me"?
Will thing ever turn out,
What I wish them to be?

Just your smile gets to me,
And that twinkle in your eye,
Sometimes your so sweet,
It makes me want to cry!!

Sometimes I think,
You lead me on,
All these sweet words you say,
How long will this go on?

Should I follow my heart,
And go for you?
Or listen to my head,
Telling me it'll never be true?

Two paths in me,
One good, one bad,
One makes you happy,
The other sad.

Reality of truth,
We will probably never be,
But it could happen right?
I still wish inside of me.

You have no clue,
About how I feel for you,
Except for maybe a tiny crush,
That I already told you.

But it's bigger than that,
And you don't know how I feel,
But one of these days,
I hope you will....