Read Love Poems


by NoPatience

I remember the Smile
You'd have on your Face
When I'd do something Stupid
And feel out of place

I remember all the nights
We spent reminicing
About both of our pasts
And what we were missing

I remember how I felt
When you held me in bed
And I remember each and every
Word that you said

I remember when "I love You"
Wasn't used as just a phrase
I remember how we argued
And then got over the phase

I remember the taste
Of the saline in your tears
When we'd speak of our pasts
and all our endless fears

I remember how it felt
When you held me in your arms
And feeling as though,
You could do me no harm

I remember how we planned
On always being one
And Never missing a moment
Because our lives had just begun

I remember the love
I once knew as gold
That has all turned to rust
As you let the thruth unfold

I remember when you loved me
but now I clearly see
that it's all in the past
I'm just a memory