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A Second Chance

by Heather N Lee

We were together for a while,
Then you said that we must part.
You hugged me and walked away,
Still you never left my heart.

I cried every day.
I silently called out your name.
It was hard to make it through alone,
I was slowly going insane.

We began to be friends again
I knew that you still cared.
I think you began to realize
That I will always be there.

Now we're back together
I'm holding your hand.
I will always be your girl,
And you are my man.

Even though I'm a little scared,
That again I'll be hurt.
In my heart I believe
That this time we'll make it work.

We've been given a second chance
By the hands of Fate.
This time we'll stand strong,
We've learned from our mistakes.

We can walk hand in hand,
Through this confusing world.
You are my perfect guy,
I'll try to be your perfect girl.