Read Love Poems


by Jacki

I sit here in the dark,
the only light comes from
my computer.
And in this light i can see next
to me a figure of a man.
Outlined is body.
How wonderful this site is.
To see my husband lying there.
So peaceful does he rest.
Like a baby in its nest.
He barely makes a sound
other than his soft breath.
I watch him so lovingly.
Thinking i never want this to end.
To see the man i love in the perfect
of the night.

Watching him dreaming
all his wonderful thoughts.
I watch his tender eyes move gently
up and down.
His toes begin to wiggle as though
he were a dog chasing a cat in its dreams.
What are you doing i wonder
what must you be dreaming.
But oh what a perfect site
this man next to me!!

Jason i love you!