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I'm Not Over You

by Chelsea R.

I thought I was over you
I thought you were over me
I guess I was wrong
and maybe our love's just meant to be

because every time I'm with you
and every time we talk
my knees get weak
and I can hardly walk

everything just disappears when we're together
I'm in love with you
the whole world goes away
and it feels like it's just us two

I want you so bad
and I know you want me too
I wish we could just run away
because I truly love you

I think about you all the time
and I miss you when your away
you mean more to me
than any words could ever say

I hope you never get over me
and I hope you never forget
that night we were alone
that night you made me sweat

But we can't be together
your my brothers best friend
still my love for you
is never gonna end