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Betrayal --extended version--

by Ten Feet Tall

She told him it was over
Their love had gone astray
The endless nights of crying
Just had to go away

Their love was so pure
Nothing could come between
That young man and woman
Until he had come clean

He said it was another
His heart had come to love
That night he came home
Ended with more than just a shove

She knew he had been lying
Never had to work that late
The other was the reason why
He always broke the date

He came home at all hours
With a different scent on the air
A perfume not her own
Had finally broke the pair

Her anger was so great that night
And the gun close at her side
Left nowhere for him to go
Nowhere to run and hide

He stood frozen in the doorway
As she started down the hall
The gun pointed in front of her
He knew he would now fall

He begged for his life
For he was not ready to die
Her mind swirled with confusion
As she held the gun up high

She lowered it slowly
Pointed at his face
Placed her finger on the trigger
Had to forget his sweet embrace

Everything spun around him
The explosion and the flash
The pain was tremendous
As he fell with a crash

He felt the warmth flowing out of him
As he lie there on the floor
She looked at him with sorrow
And then walked out the door

She never looked back at him that night
And is glad she never did
She's afraid she would have turned back
Because she's not carrying his kid