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I loved you too

by Chloe

So many thoughts,
I don't know where to begin,
I'll start from my heart,
and what I feel within.

I still have feelings,
which haven't changed,
because when you left me
my life was re-arranged.

I used to cry
so many times a day,
but lately those tears
have been fading away.

I am hoping that
my brighter day soon will come,
and maybe, just maybe,
I'll find that special someone.

Yes, it's been hard,
but I'm getting back my life,
I've even managed
to put away the knife.

I will find someone
who's right for me,
who loves me
and lets me be all I can be.

Yet the thought of you and her,
is tearing me apart,
because you will always have a special place
in my broken heart.

Do I still love you?
Yes, I do,
but another part of me
is getting over you.

I never thought I would say this,
but I simply have to confess,
with each and every day that goes by,
I love you less and less.

I just wanted to be with you,
but now you're gone,
and the time has come
for me to move on.

You meant so much to me,
in fact, you still do,
from the bottom of my heart,
I loved you too.