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How much I really love you so...

by Eibutsina

How do you know you have met our partner for life?
How do you know if they're worth the sacrifice?
How do know if you should give your heart
How do you see down the track if you'll part?
How do you really know that they are the one?
The love of your life where you future has begun...

How do you tell them even when you do?
How do you honestly express how much they mean to you?
How can you explain the depth of how you feel?
How can you make them believe it's all real?
How can I ask to share my life with you?
Nothing can make me happier than you do...

How do you hold on when you can't let go?
How do you tell them they have hurt you so
How do make them vision the tears in your eyes
How can't they hear the plea in your cries?
How do you keep loving through all this pain?
Trade anything to relive those moments with them again...

You can for it's their love that will keep you strong
Their comforting ways that help you move on
Their hands that will lift you when you are down and weak
That warmth behind you whilst you sleep
A love so deep that no other could suffice
My love for you is forever my life...

How, for the way I feel inside
How tall I stand when I am by your side
How every moment we can spend together
I know you'll have my heart always and forever
How? Because it's all I really know
How much I really love you so...