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If only I could...

by Torran Compala

I sit and stare at your amazing body
if only I could hold it to mine
I sit and wonder what you would do
if I made a move this time
I sit and think of how you'd feel
if you knew the things I thought
I sit and dream of what we'd do
if only you knew what I want
I sit and watch you lying there
I only wish I could cuddle with you
I sit and think, maybe I should
if only I knew what you would do
I sit and picture myself with you
kissing every inch of your skin
If only I knew how to tell you
of ways with you I want to sin
Your eyes finally catch mine
my heart just floats away
Our gaze only lasts a moment
if only I knew what to say
You smile and turn your head again
my chance has come and gone
It only takes your smallest grin
to remind me your the one
Someday I'll get the courage myself
to finally show my love for you
If only I could show it now
...I wonder what you'd do....