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Only You

by Morgan

I could meet a thousand people
And still think of you
I could smile a million times
But no one can make me smile like you do

"I love you" is best coming from you
And I go crazy when you call me sweetheart
I wish I could be in your arms
But for now we are apart

I know someday I'll be with you
I'll be able to taste your kiss
I will finally be content
I won't want more than this

I'll pray every night
That we'll always be
I'll savor every minute
Even though our love with last for eternity

Soon we'll be together
We might even be husband and wife
And I promise to love you
Till the end of my life

And when we say our I do's
I'll carry your child in my womb
I just hope that all this
Will happen soon

Because I want to share my life with you
But you're just beyond my reach, it seems
I know I'll love you forever, baby
Because you're the man of my dreams

I'll cherish you till the end
Remembering every word you say
That will be when we're together