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Don't Care What They Think

by Shelby

So your a little spaced-out,
a little open-mined,
doesn't bother me a bit,
I see you, I love to be reminded,
How much I love you.

But no they say, my so called friends,
Your too good for him,
To hear that made my heart sink...
But then I realized,
I don't care what they think.

I know what they're thinking,
she must be desperate.
But they don't know my heart,
or how it sees you,
I know how I feel, and I love you.

They think I'm crazy,
of course it's true,
I know I'm crazy, at least for you.

So don't put us down,
Don't make my heart sink,
Because you know what I'll say...

'Who cares what you think.'