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I can't helping love you...

by Eibutsina

I gave everything to you
I was loyal and dedicated
When we spoke you couldn't tell me the truth
There were no signs that indicated.
I saw your name on my mobile phone
Calling my late that night
We needed to talk you had something to tell me
I couldn't breath, I lost my sight.
Initially I thought I had been betrayed
That another woman had taken my place
I felt my heart convulse then shatter
As the salty tears ran down my face.
You told me of no other woman
That I was always your only one
The news I wasn't expecting
Was that you have a five year old son.
All those times you would look at me
Straight and deep into my eyes
You saw my reaction to thought
And protected me with your lies.
I know just why you did it baby
I can honestly understand
I just wish I knew what decision to make
That someone would just tell me or lend a hand.
You know I gave you my future
You promised we would always be this way
I thought we'd spend our lives together
That I'd give you your first son one day.
Now I'm just over analysing and confused
My world has crumbled to a mess
As much as it for me too hear
I just can't love you any less.
The biggest decision I've had to make
I'm torn as to what I should do
Accept your child and your past
Or walk away from my love for you.
So many questions I need to ask
And things that I would like to know
I need you to look me in the eyes
And honestly tell me so.
I don't know if we'll get past this
One thing I know is true
I gave you my heart and you broke it
But I can't help loving you...