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The Perfect Guy

by dandy

Every now and then,
my friends say to me:
If you had the perfect guy,
how exactly would he be?
I do not say he would be rich
or that his eye color would be blue.
He wouldn't buy expensive cars,
or a suit with high priced shoes.
He wouldn't own a house
that was as big as it could be,
and when he had a problem,
from me he would not flee.
He wouldn't go with other women,
or act like macho man.
It wouldn't stop his loving me,
if I lacked beauty and a tan.
If something happened
that I should know,
he would know not to lie.
He wouldn't call me a baby
if in his presence I did cry.
I don't care about guy's possessions
those don't mean a thing.
It's the little things that matter,
that would make my guy a king.
The perfect guy for me,
is someone loving,
sweet and kind.
If I started a food fight with him,
he'd laugh and wouldn't mind.
My guy would love me for how I think,
he wouldn't care if I wasn't pretty.
He would respect my opinion,
if I didn't want to live in the city.
He'd wrap me in his arms,
and he'd hug me all night long.
He'd make me feel so loved and safe,
I'd know it's with him I belong.
I would go weak in the knees,
and melt at the taste of his kiss,
He'd stare into my eyes and
I'd get lost among his bliss.
Sometimes we may have fights,
but we'd learn to work them out.
He wouldn't ever hurt me,
and he wouldn't scream or shout.
When I'd need a hand to hold,
he'd always be right there,
and when he said I love you,
he would mean it and he'd care.
Unfortunately, this isn't really true,
this guy doesn't even exist.
But I've only had one boyfriend,
and Ive hardly ever been kissed.
I hope someday this guy will come,
and sweep me off my feet.
Because I feel that without love,
life is not complete.
Love has a guy for every girl,
though it may not happen now.
you'll eventually find
your way to the guy.
Love will show you how.