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It Hurts Inside

by Ten Feet Tall

I don't know what I can say
Or what I can do
To get this through your head
Into your mind and into you

I don't want this to be over
Or for us be apart
But I need some space from you
To mend my broken heart

Right now my heart is in pieces
Broken on the hardwood floor
Because of what you told me
That night outside my door

You told me about her before
Told me what she means to you
But talking this time really hurt
Because I told you what to do

"Just muster up all your courage
Get the nerve and ask her out
She won't say no to you
This I have no doubt."

But inside I prayed
That she would say no
I hate her so much
But love you too much to know

You've been here with me forever
When I'm happy and sad
You're my best friend in the world
And never ever get mad

That's why I love you so much
And that's why it hurts
To know that same love is not shared
Only wasted with your flirts

Please right now just let me be
I need time away from you
To sort through my feelings
My thoughts and what to do