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My Farewell To You (A True Story)

by Bryce Ellner

I remember back a year ago
When you first said you liked me
It was over the Internet I remember
Which was probably not a good place for it to be.

It started with our holding hands
When Holly got on us for that.
We were coming home from a football game
Not far from where we lived at.

And then came our dance
It was your birthday party too.
And we slow danced strait through every single song
And I finally got to say "I Love You".

I remember our first kiss too
We were watching movies in the living room.
And from that simple kiss I was in heaven
And every night after I'd hope to get another one and soon.

- - -

That day we broke it off
I couldn't help but cry.
I thought that you were going to be the one.
But I guess now I was trying to live a lie.

I wondered for the next few weeks,
Hoping that there was some way to get you back.
But in the end my dream was just a dream.
And I couldn't lie to myself anymore, thats a fact.

You were gone
And I still didn't know why.
You never really told me
Why you let my heart die.

- - -

Now I hear from your cousin,
That you're going out with someone new.
Someone I thought once you used to hate.
But in fact it was someone more like you.

I can't change the past,
And I've settled that with my broken heart.
What feelings I had for you are gone now
And now we've grown even farther apart.

So this is my farewell letter to you.
And I just want you to know
Even if you did break my heart in the end,
You did help my figure out which way I truly needed to go.